The Royal Yacht Keep Their Finger on the London Pulse

September 15, 2015

The Royal Yacht continue to build on The Drift’s reputation as one of Jersey’s top night spots, by sending Head of Bar and mixologist, Fabio Freitas, to work and research current trends and ideas at some of London’s leading establishments.


The Royal Yacht plans to use this research to develop the original vibe they provide for their guests, by bringing ‘the London experience’ to Jersey. Fabio was sent on a research trip to two distinctive establishments to broaden his knowledge in cocktail making and develop a diverse insight into the inner workings of contemporary London bars. During his trip, Fabio visited:




The Royal Yacht will continue to send Fabio on research trips to continue to improve customer experiences, with future plans to come to an agreement with a top London club to send famous UK bar staff and DJs to visit The Drift.


Fabio Freitas, Head of Bar at The Royal Yacht, commented:

“I’m extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to hone my cocktail making skills. I learned how to make fresh syrups and purees, and many different exotic cocktails that are unlike anything currently available in Jersey. The London scene is something we strive to bring to Jersey and something that continues to mean we stand out from anywhere else in Jersey. I can’t wait for people to experience the new cocktails and give our customers a taste of London.”


New cocktails will be announced on The Drift’s Facebook page, keep an eye out and please do let us have your feedback,