About Jersey

If ever there was a location guaranteed to inspire and leave a lasting impression then that is Jersey. For centuries the Island has been a meeting place for people and cultures, all of which have shaped and defined our unique way of life.

This is an Island that knows how to work hard and play hard. Imagine never being more than 20 minutes away from work or 10 minutes from the beach, then you’ll understand why “rush hour” in Jersey usually refers to adrenaline. This action packed Island has been shaped by the sea and as you would expect…in, on or under it, the life-style here is quite literally surrounded by it.

The Jersey “taste for life” is similarly influenced and “fresh” means straight from the ocean. Eating out is all part of the full-bodied flavour of Channel Island living and the quality of Jersey life is as high as the expectations.

There are 12 major beaches and many other smaller bays to suit all tastes for both young and old. They are also some of the cleanest in Europe. There are white sandy beaches on most, apart from a few on the north coast where the weathered dust of granite, granulated from the rocks by centuries of tides gives the sand a rich darkness. Small fishing harbours which tempt you with their heritage, and west coast beaches which face the Atlantic Ocean and are ideal for surfing and windsurfing. In 2005, eleven beaches were granted the Marine Conservation Society’s highest award for water cleanliness.

The cultural landscape of Jersey and its Norman style farmhouses, the narrow winding lanes and small fields, the French street names and cuisine, all reflect a fascinating and complex history that has entwined the island in the fate of two great nations – Britain and France, for over a thousand years.

Today, Jersey is a thriving island. Whilst still retaining it’s unique charm, medieval buildings, leafy lanes and stunning beaches, it is also a bustling financial centre with modern, stylish architecture, clubs, restaurants, luxury hotels and a world class marina.