Kitchen Confidential

August 31, 2017

On Thursday 24th August we hosted the event ‘Kitchen Confidential’ organised by Kate Lamy with an aim of raising money to build a school in Nepal after their devastating earthquake back in 2015.

8 amateur chefs took to Sirocco kitchen for the day, led by Head Chef Steve Walker & his team. They had to prepare all their dishes and ingredients from scratch and then go on to serve a full Restaurant Sirocco later that evening. The chefs were impressive and the dinner guests certainly enjoyed their meal!

Organiser Kate Lamy in action…

Lobster Cooking…

The event was a huge success, raising £2,215  and everyone involved had a fantastic day and night!

“I can’t thank you and all your team at The Yacht enough for the support and effort you put into Kitchen Confidential.

I loved organising it, but to see the restaurant laid up so beautifully, with round tables and white tablecloths, and then the flowers and the photos of the chefs, just finished it all off to perfection.

The staff were a delight to spend the experience with. Their consideration and patience helped with our day, and has installed confidence in all of us to go on and cook our dishes at home. The waiting staff were so friendly and wanted to know all about the charity.”

Kate Lamy, Kitchen Confidential