Jersey | 2018 Bucket List

January 02, 2018

Reasons why Jersey should be on your 2018 Travel Bucket List


  1. Stunning beaches …

In Jersey, you’re never more than ten minutes from the sea. Take your pick of white sandy beaches or rocky shorelines. The award-winning St Brelade’s Bay beach is ranked the best beach in the UK. For a little piece of paradise – take the steps down to Beauport Bay for a secluded spot with white sand and clear waters.

Take a look at this Jersey Beaches Guide

2. Sunsets

Sunsets in Jersey are really something spectacular and rival some of the best in the world (& we aren’t being bias!). There is nothing better than heading down to St Ouen’s Bay and watching the sun go down. To make the experience even more enjoyable – grab a picnic or BBQ to take with you! You will not be disappointed…


3. Trips to Les Écréhous & Les Minquiers

With crystal clear waters and white sands – you’ll feel as though you are in a Caribbean paradise! The best part? It is only a short boat ride from Jersey. You can take the trip to both locations with Jersey Seafaris. They regularly spot dolphins on the way too!


4. Great food

Jersey is known particularly for its great seafood. Look out for local oysters, mackerel, sea bass and spider crabs. You can even visit a local Oyster farm by taking part in a guided Oyster Walk.


5. The Chilled Out Vibe

The laid-back nature and friendliness of the Islanders is often what is referred to as ‘The Jersey Way’. It is very relaxed here – how could it not be? 9×5 miles of stunning scenery, award-winning beaches and activities to keep all ages busy!


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