Moira Pauluaz, Health and Beauty Magazine, 24th April 2008

First, thank-you for looking after me so well – I was spoilt rotten in the most charming way. And loved every second of it.
What I loved about the spa – apart from the design, high-end spec, and immaculate surroundings – was the feeling of warmth that enveloped me. I immediately felt at home. The spa is superb, and more than holds its own with others I have visited around the world. So congratulations to all concerned.
And congratulations, too, on excellent, really talented therapists – and the choice of Phytomer as the product house. I loved the hotel, too, and the staff, who were so helpful.”

Olivia Abbot, Health 24, 26th July 2008

We thoroughly enjoyed it. Best bits for me were swimming off a yacht in the sea, and my massage: I’ve worked on women’s and health and beauty magazines for about 10 years now, and so have had a few spa treatments in my time, and my massage from Julia was definitely one of the best I’ve ever had.

Jai Breitnauer, Brand New You, 8th August 2008

We’ve just got back from Jersey and had a lovely weekend. The Royal Yacht really is a great hotel and the spa is one of the most impressive I’ve been to that is hotel based.