Covid-19 Updates

Please check here for our latest updates regarding the Covid-19 situation. This is an evolving matter and be assured that The Royal Yacht is doing all that we can to assure you that in this time of uncertainty; your safety, comfort and well-being remains our highest priority.  The details below are not an exhaustive list, but an overview of the measures currently in place.  Please feel free to contact the hotel if you have any further queries or require additional information.

UPDATE 12.04.2021

Jersey moves into Stage 5 of the Reconnection roadmap from today, 12 April 2021 meaning further easing of restrictions, including new guidance for physical distancing, and gathering limits etc.


UPDATE 18.02.2021

We are delighted and grateful to be able to announce that as from Monday 22 February;

Consumption of alcohol
Alcohol can only be served with a main meal. Examples of what this constitutes include:
• A main course item ordered from a menu.
• A combination of two “starters” ordered together to be consumed by the person ordering.
• A combination of one “starter” with two sides ordered together to be consumed by the person ordering.
• A minimum of three side orders or tapas portions ordered together to be consumed by the person ordering.

Alcohol can only be ordered at the same time as the meal or whilst the meal is being eaten. No new orders for alcohol can be placed once a customer has finished eating. For example, if a customer
intends to order a digestif of any kind it must be ordered with or during a final course of food.

We continue to operate a strict policy of track and trace for all customers frequenting the hotel, and the wearing of masks is compulsory in all area’s of the hotel- both by staff and members of the public.  Please note that temperature checks will also be in operation on arrival to the premises.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information or assistance.

UPDATE 16.11.2020

In light of today’s new public health measures, please note that as from 02am on Friday 20 November;

We continue to operate a strict policy of track and trace for all customers frequenting the hotel, and strongly encourage the wearing of masks in all area’s of the hotel- both by staff and members of the public.

Please see link for further information and guidance.

As always the continued good health and welfare of all our staff and guests is uppermost in all that we do.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information or assistance.


UPDATE 01.09.2020


Travelling to Jersey:- 

Information for those persons off island wishing to travel to Jersey; please see current information on

This guidance applies to everyone travelling into the Bailiwick of Jersey including Jersey residents.

It applies to all passengers aged 11 and older, regardless of how they arrive in Jersey, the length of their intended stay, or the frequency of their travel to and from Jersey.



In light of current restrictions, contained on the government website at in the section under Hotels and “On site leisure facilities”, jacuzzis, plunge pools, steam rooms, saunas, Turkish baths, and any environment similar to any of those facilities must remain closed. As these restrictions are lifted as part of the Government’s safe exit strategy the advice on the above website will change, and we will action and update our facilities and services accordingly.


**Also, due to local guidelines all guests must follow the strict 1 metre distancing rule at all times in the spa area, If you are arriving from another country please refrain from using any spa facilities or booking any treatments until you have received a negative test result.


UPDATE 25.07.2020

The Royal Yacht Covid-19 Phase 2 Policy

Management Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and unlike any crisis we, as a hospitality industry have had to face before. We have been navigating this journey over the past few months, and now as we proceed into the next phase, below is an update on the current procedures in place.  Level 2 is about being safer together as we move towards a ‘new normal’ of living with COVID-19. Together, we must achieve a balance of becoming more social, gathering a little more, opening activities, and beginning some connectivity off-Island without triggering an upsurge of infections.


Guests visiting from the UK or overseas

Guests that travelling/have recently travelled to Jersey are required to follow the Safer Travel policy.

Note that arriving guests that have opted to have a PCR test on arrival in Jersey are exempt from the requirement to self-isolate while awaiting their test result.  Such passengers are encouraged to take reasonable steps to limit the time they spend away from their residence and to limit their social contact during this time.

In the event that a guest receives a positive PCR test result the confirmed case will be contacted by the contact tracing team to explain the requirements on them to isolate.  The contact tracing team will also contact the accommodation provider as part of this process. The contact tracing team will discuss with the confirmed case whether they are able to isolate within their current accommodation and can provide guidance on what support and services are available from the Government of Jersey to help them.  Where it is not possible for the individual to isolate within their current accommodation an alternative will be found.


Responsibilities of the hotel / accommodation


Individuals in isolation must have their rights with respect to their protection of their personal health information maintained.

This means that, information about the individual’s health situation should only be discussed with those staff members directly involved with assisting quarantine. In practice this may include relevant laundry and catering staff.


Provision of Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Hotels to make disposable gloves available to the cleaning, catering and laundry staff.

Disposable gloves should always be worn while cleaning the room, toilets and other common areas, and when handling food and dirty laundry. Dispose of gloves if they become damaged or soiled or when cleaning is completed. If gloves become damaged during use, remove and wash hands for 20 seconds and replace with new gloves.

In line with the Government of Jersey guidance on PPE for health, care and essential workers, no other PPE will be required as hotel staff should have no reason to get any closer than 1 metre to guests with COVID-19.



Collection of guest info

As per local legislation, we have been advised, where practicable, to keep a record of people who are using their services or who attend such a gathering. This information should only be collected with the consent of the person. If consent is not given this should not be used as a reason to prevent them from access to your service. These records will only be requested by officers responsible for contact tracing if it is necessary to do so, in view of a particular risk of transmission, and in order to protect public health in view of risk posed by Covid-19.

The Government recognises the need for us to ensure compliance with our obligations under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 when we process personal information for these purposes.  This data is being gathered specifically for potential future contact tracing, (if needed).  It will be held for 21 days only and then appropriately and safely disposed of, in accordance with the Law.


Residential guests

Contact details collected & stored on check in and on the hotel PMS, Protel.

Spa Guests/Members

Contact details collected & stored on check in and on the Spa system, Premier Spa.

Restaurant & bar outlets

Contact details collected & stored on the F&B system, Restaurant Diary and through the use of the secure online system, Sprout.


Outlets Overview

 Seating Arrangements

A reservation-only service is promoted in order to control numbers/staggering of guest arrival time etc.

At time of booking/arrival, confirm that guests/customers do not have Covid-19 symptoms

Arrange tables and chairs to facilitate physical distancing of at least 1 metre.

Review booking numbers that can safely be accommodated in each of the outlets/

Space tables and chairs with regard to the potential proximity to exits/staff and service area’s.

Do not allow people to queue in any of the outlets.

Do not allow customers to sit at tables until they have been cleared and sanitised

Disposable Menu’s in use in all outlets.

Delivery and removal of food and drink to diners should, where possible, be undertaken in a way that supports physical distancing.


Queuing and circulation

Minimise and control customers queuing for services or using toilet facilities.

Allow sufficient circulation space for staff and customers to allow adequate physical distancing.

Ensure exceptional standards of hygiene and sanitising in food and drinks services.


 Kitchen Overview

Physical distancing guidelines should be followed at every stage of food production – this includes supplier delivery, food preparation and service.

Assess how many members of staff can safely undertake the work, whilst meeting the requirements of physical distancing. This can include separation by area or by time.


 Hygiene Overview

Do not prepare and handle food if you’re feeling unwell or if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Wash your hands, maintain personal hygiene

This is more important than ever, especially for anyone working to prepare meals for the public. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly and maintain good personal hygiene.

Ensure hand-washing facilities have a constant supply of warm running water, soap and single use paper towel at all times.

Hands should be washed:


Procedures for guest in-room isolation

Room Service Overview

Food trays, dishes, and cutlery

Housekeeping Overview

Linen, towels and clothing


Waste management


Room cleaning

Cleaning products

 Disinfection of special areas

Method of cleaning


UPDATE 12.06.2020

As an update to all our guests and customers, we are pleased to announce that in-line with local legislation and guidelines we will be moving into Phase 2 and re-opening additional elements of the hotel for those who wish to stay, dine and enjoy Spa treatments with us.  Please note that operational and service levels have been amended to conform to local legislation and therefore some areas’ of the hotel and Spa remain closed to the public at this point in time.  We hope to have all services up and running as continued relaxation of the guidelines occur.


Our commitment remains to provide you, our guests with memorable experiences.  However, of paramount importance is the health and well-being of both our customers and staff.  We continue to adapt and improve our procedures and services to both comply with the guidelines of re-opening, but also to optimise our offering to you, the guest.  We acknowledge that this means some compromises to our norm here at the hotel, but would hope that you understand and appreciate that this is essential in maintaining the safety of all.


Our Guests;

As before-


In addition-






Our Team:


Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, just some of the processes that we are implementing in order to welcome our guests back in the safest way that we can,


Please contact the team on 01534 720511 in order to make your reservations or Spa Sirène on 01534 615425 if we can assist you further with any queries,  We look forward to welcoming back our Royal Yacht friends.

UPDATE 09.05.2020

To all our guests and customers, we are pleased to announce that we will be shortly re-opening our al-fresco area for those who would like to come to dine with us.


Our commitment to keep providing our guests with memorable experiences, is still of the utmost importance to us; but in such times our primary concern is to ensure everyone’s safety. As such we have had to adapt our service in order to ensure this. Please see below just some of the procedures we have adopted to adhere to current guidelines.  We will be monitoring service closely on a daily basis, and making further changes if needed.


Our Guests


Our Team


Please contact the team on 01534 720511 in order to make your table reservation or if we can assist you further with any queries,  We look forward to welcoming you back and send kindest wishes to all our Royal Yacht friends and clients. Click here to view menu

UPDATE 24.03.2020

To all our regular guests, this is an update to let you all know that as from 21.00 this evening (Tuesday 24th March) we will be closing Café Zephyr and its Al Fresco area to the public.  It will remain open to serve our in-house hotel residents and for those who wish to avail of our Take-Away service.  Whilst currently a collection service, we are looking to offer delivery’s to certain parts of the island soon, and will let you know as soon as we are up and ready!

We would like to thank you for all your kind thoughts and wishes for our staff during these unprecedented times, and we wish you all good health until we see you back with us again soon.


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UPDATE 23.03.2020

In light of recent States of Jersey guidelines and subsequent changes, we thought it best to get in touch with you, our valued guests with an update of where we stand as a business.

We took the difficult decision to close Sirocco and our first floor outlets early last week, including our meeting and event spaces.  Following on from there, we have closed The Drift, Cabin and Grill outlets.

Spa Sirène is due to close to all members and the public from 21.00 tonight.  This includes the gym, pool and treatment rooms.

The hotel bedrooms remain open and in use; with Café Zephyr and its Al Fresco area currently open, primarily for the use of hotel residents and those members of the public who wish to dine with us.

We are strictly adhering to all health and safety guidelines in regards to both the residential and public areas’ of the hotel.

States of Jersey advice and guidelines are changing on a daily basis, please know that we will adapt and change in line with this.

Whilst we’re uncertain of what may happen over the coming few weeks, we will continue to support our staff, guests, customers, and the local Jersey community as best we can. We remain committed to getting through these uncertain times.  We thank you for all your kind thoughts and wishes during this ever-changing period.


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We understand that you may be experiencing stress given the rapidly changing information on travel restrictions and cancelled or postponed public events. We want you to know that we are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely, keeping those who are affected in our thoughts, and are listening carefully to the questions and concerns we receive from guests such as yourself.

Throughout all of this, our aim is to provide the norm; the calm; the familiar and to continue serving you as we have always done so.


When You Book

Please have confidence that when you book to stay at the Royal Yacht Hotel we are doing everything we can to have your chosen accommodation ready for you as normal with our usual high standards of care and attention.  We are also closely monitoring the World Health Organization (WHO), the UK Government, and local health agencies for the latest developments related to COVID-19 and following the guidance of government and public health officials. We are implementing these agencies’ guidance on the appropriate health and safety measures with our own hotel management team.


When you Stay

We recognize that the COVID-19 virus requires each of us to be more mindful as we go through our daily activities.

Our hotel is working hard to ensure that we meet the latest guidance from the local health agencies and WHO on hygiene and cleanliness throughout the business.  Providing a safe and clean environment for our guests and colleagues is always a top priority for us, but even more so today.  We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, and want you to feel at ease when you visit The Royal Yacht Hotel, knowing you’ll experience the quality you have come to expect from us.

The below precautionary and response measures are helping us continue to provide a safe and clean environment:

Spa Sirène, the hotel bars and restaurants are all currently open as normal.  However, we have looked to amend both service and procedures to align with current guidelines.  These practices will undoubtedly evolve over the coming days and weeks.  For up to date news, please check back here.



Assistance with existing and future bookings


If you need advice on booking or to amend reservations made direct with us, please contact the hotel reservations team who are available to help.  If you need to adjust reservations made through another travel site or booking agent, please contact them for assistance.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on how we work, entertain and travel, we have been adapting our cancellation policy over the past several weeks to the evolving nature of this epidemic. We endeavour to provide our customers as much flexibility as we can during these challenging times. Generally speaking, for guests with existing individual reservations, including reservations with pre-paid/non-refundable rates that are typically more restrictive, we will allow date changes/postponements to a new booking within 2020 without a charge up to 24 hours prior to arrival as long as the change is made by 31st March 2020 for bookings with a travel date prior to 30th April. Please note that rate changes would apply to your new booking. For guests making new individual reservations between today and 31st March, 2020, we will allow those reservations to be changed or postponed at no charge up to 24 hours before a guest’s scheduled arrival date for bookings arriving until 31st May 2020. Please contact the hotel reservations team for the most up-to-date information and for additional details about availability and exclusions.


For those with conference and event enquiries, please contact the C&E Team directly who are available to assist with any queries you may have.


We will endeavour to keep you updated through this dynamic circumstance, and if there is anything you require from us or additional ways we can assist, please let us know. Most importantly, we wish good health for you and your families.  Together; we will navigate this situation.


Alcino Vieira