#MyJerseyFive | Guest Entry

Local photographer, James Thompson, has shared with us his top 5 things to do in Jersey. You can see some of his images in the slideshow above and view his Instagram page here: http://bit.ly/RYJTPhotoInsta



1. Visit Plemont.

At high tide you can walk down the steps and see the waves crash against the rocks. Have a bite to eat in the cafe and look out at the Atlantic Ocean and Jersey’s magnificent coastline. At low tide the beach is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Plemont is also one of the favorite surf spots for locals. One of the key features s of Plemont is the waterfall just beneath the cafe. Just be sure to not get cut off by the tide.


2. Take a swim at Havre Des Pas bathing pool

The pool of sea water is just outside town and early in the morning gives you a perfect view of the sunrise in the east. The cold dunk is well worth the view…



3. Dolphin spotting.

Our coastline is home to dolphins all year round and seeing them is a must. Companies like Jersey Seafaris run trips all year round and the sight of a dolphin jumping out of the water is one to behold.


 4. Go for a paddle board in St Brelade’s Bay

What’s better than enjoying time on the sea and arguably in one of Jersey’s best bays. Paddle boards can be hired from the beach and are easy to get used to …


5.  Take a boat trip

There is no better way to make the most of being on an island than using the sea around it. Boat trips are a fun and easy way of doing this and suit anyone. There are many companies that run trips and tours around the island and are well worth doing.


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