Pregnancy Spa Treatments

Looking after yourself is so important during pregnancy, your body is constantly evolving with physical changes. Our pregnancy treatments have all been designed to be completely safe and effective for our mums-to-be.

Pregnancy massage is an excellent safe, gentle and holistic way to help with some of the aches and pains that may arise. We use our customised pregnancy pillow for our ‘Oh Baby Massage‘ and use safe oils and gentle movements to ease away tension and discomfort in those problem areas. 

‘Oh Baby Massage’ | 75 Minutes / Cost £90

There are said to be many benefits of pregnancy massage including:

(Source: Huggies)

We do not recommend any treatments within the first tri-mester of pregnancy. 

Mellow Mama Facial | 75 mins / Cost £90

Take some mellow moments before your baby is born and try our relaxing ‘Mellow Mama‘ Facial to look after your skin during pregnancy. The marine ingredients help to restore the skin’s healthy balance, leaving you with an incredible sense of calm…


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