“Supreme attention to detail”

May 22, 2017

“I would like to thank you and the staff of the Royal Yacht hotel,  for all of your support and supreme attention to detail at our ‘Standard Life Wealth’  Event on Thursday. In particular thank you for your flexibility and utmost professionalism working with our requirements and allowing us to adapt the space at no extra cost, to  make our event exceptional.  It was a true pleasure to work with such professional people. I’d like to extend my thanks in particular to Patkov and his assistant for their constant diligence and exacting standards regarding the catering. I could absolutely breathe a sigh of relief with you all on board, and was able then to work more with the hosts to ensure delivery of the event itself. That is a rarity as far as I am concerned, and for that, I thank you.


The Head of our International business, Charles, was delighted with the room set up and the first class service.  We can ask no more of you all!”