Laurent-Perrier’s Master of Wine Led Luxury Dinner in Sirocco

October 06, 2015

On 1 October, we invited our wine club members to an exclusive and indulgent champagne wine club dinner, hosted by Sirocco and The Cellar.


The dinner was the second ever luxury wine club event that the hotel has held for wine club members. This time, we celebrated in style with a champagne theme, featuring a selection of the best world-class champagnes from Laurent-Perrier. The menu of gourmet food and wine was carefully selected, with each item specially paired to complement the other. The menu featured:

Aperitif with Brut en Magnum

Slow cooked pork cheek, parsnip, pistachio with Vintage 2006

Scallop ravioli, lobster, thai spices, puffed rice with Ultra Brut

Breast and leg of squab pigeon, cranberries, sprouts, barley with Cuvée Rosé Brut

Deep fried truffled brie, toffee apple and vanilla with Grand Siècle

Turkish delight with Demi-Sec


The evening provided a unique opportunity for lucky diners to enjoy food and drink in the luxury restaurant, Sirocco, and the intimate surroundings of The Cellar. Guests also had the exclusive opportunity to meet champagne expert and guest speaker, David Hesketh, Master of Wine and Managing Director at Laurent-Perrier.


Claudio Abreu, Head of Restaurants at The Royal Yacht, commented:


“Following the success of the first wine club dinner at The Royal Yacht, we were thrilled to once again invite our wine club members and Jersey wine connoisseurs into the intimate and charming ambience of Sirocco and The Cellar. Our guest speaker, David Hesketh of Laurent-Perrier, guided us through the evening’s champagne and wine journey, offering an insider’s insight into the alluring world of champagne. The event was perfect for those looking to soak up a sophisticated atmosphere and enjoy a unique, luxurious evening. We look forward to inviting our members to the next wine club dinner in the near future.”