The Drift’s Female Security Team Secure Social Progress

October 13, 2015

Here at The Royal Yacht, we aim to exemplify forward thinking business practice and so are proud to employ the only female security team in Jersey.


The female team provides our constituent night spot, The Drift, with some much needed diversity within a traditionally male-dominated job role. The team is a reflection of our commitment to providing equal opportunities for our staff and clientele. The female security staff  spend the majority of their time working together, taking charge of the main entrance of The Drift, with the male security team predominantly situated at the side entrance on Mulcaster Street.


The female security team continue to provide the high standard of quality and friendly customer service our clients have come to expect from us, while making a continued commitment to ensuring customer safety.


Alcino Vieira, General Manager, commented:

“We are extremely excited to be leading the way as a modern and progressive business in Jersey with our female security team at the main entrance of The Drift. After noticing a shift in our demographic, we decided that our security team should better reflect our current clientele. The new team is as qualified as our male security staff, and they can certainly handle themselves when necessary.”