Pancake Challenge

March 01, 2017

This Pancake Day, our General Manager Mr. Vieira took on Operations Manager Claudio Abreu, in a special Pancake Challenge.

Both had to cook their pancakes in front of a judging panel, which included, Christine (Sales Manager), Gaby (Sous Chef) and Vicky (Pastry Chef).

Mr. Vieira went for a traditional ‘Crepes Suzette’ while Claudio went for a healthy option of ‘Coconut & Banana Pancakes topped with Strawberries, Almonds & Honey’

Who was the winner? Watch the full video here:

Want the recipes? Ingredients listed below. To view the method, video link is above.

Mr. Vieira’s Crepes Suzette

Claudio’s Healthy Coconut & Banana Pancakes