New Sirocco Head Chef

October 09, 2019

Máté, is recently new to the island of Jersey, having taken on the role as Head Chef in Restaurant Sirocco at The Royal Yacht Hotel. Originally from Hungary, his approach to cooking combines a fusion of French/Mediterranean and British cuisine but he often complements this with flavours and techniques from his Hungarian background to create truly unique tastes & aromas in his dishes.

Máté has taken to Island life already and is loving the fresh produce on offer, from seafood to local fruit and vegetables and even sea herbs. His culinary philosophy is based on sourcing fresh and sustainable home-grown produce where possible and he says “what I have loved most about Jersey so far is the abundance of fresh, local produce”. This philosophy is reflected in the dishes at Restaurant Sirocco which feature fresh local seafood, vegetables, plants and herbs. Máté enjoys foraging across the island and has already found a few favourite spots. He has a particular love for the local sea plant, rock samphire and loves the ‘aromatic carrot flavour’ that comes across in dishes.

Slice of Jersey - The Royal Yacht 0144 (1)webPhoto: Catherine Hill Photography

You can now ignite your taste buds in Sirocco with our new 5 course or 9 course tasting menu, designed by Máté and his team to create the ultimate dining experience. Each dish has been paired with a wine, chosen by our expert sommelier. A new À la carte menu is also on offer with a range of new flavour pairings and dishes which are sure to spark excitement & have your mouth watering. We have of course kept the all-time favourite ‘Royal Yacht Steak Flambé’ on the menu.

Try the ‘Pan Seared Scallops’ dish, which is based on a classic combination of horseradish and beetroot, combining different textures but all going back to the same root vegetable. Combined with the juicy local hand-dived scallops, this dish really does tell a story about the fresh local seafood on offer in Jersey – ‘the best scallops in the world’.

To book a table in Restaurant Sirocco, call 01534720511, email: [email protected] or book online