Claudio Abreu

Operations General Manager

With over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Claudio Abreu has travelled for both studies and work in over 5 countries including, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland and the UK.

Having joined The Royal Yacht Hotel, Spa & Restaurants (UK) prior to their expansion in 2007, Claudio was part of the opening team that launched the multi-million pound development and lead to The Royal Yacht to become one of the most successful and prestigious Hotel & Spa properties in the Channel Islands.

By the end 2014, Claudio moved to Switzerland to pursue further studies.  This resulted in achieving his much desired Degree-a-Master in Business Administration (MBA).

On his return (2015)  Claudio brought his first official publication at the CHME (Council for Hospitality, Management and Education) conference in Manchester where he presented a proposition for a research project – Destination Branding “A Case Study of Jersey C.I.”. He then followed launching exciting new concepts such as the ‘Wine Club’ where 50 individuals of Jersey’s highest society are members and host many interesting gatherings throughout the year. Claudio serves as President.

His passion and knowledge for exquisite cuisine and quality beverages, as well as his management philosophy and genuine love for people has seen a swift progression over the years leading him to the current  position of Operations General Manager as well as still heading the busy and major Food and Beverage department. He also overlooks the general running of the whole property and guides on a daily basis 15 Heads of department.

Claudio is without a doubt the front face of The Yacht, especially due to his relationship with the local market and an unconditional strength behind the scenes both operationally and strategically, developing new concepts and ideas. Claudio is always keen to set trends for both visitors and locals.