Get Home Glowing

Oh yes, think sunshine and smiles and cheeks that glistens in the rays… but if you want to get the glow, you have to glow from the inside too! You have to look at your mind, body and soul. So how do you get the ‘glow’? Form an orderly queue for our 8 tips on how to get glowing from the inside and out …

  1. Come in for ‘A Quickie’ 

A quick facial that is … this fast and fabulous Phytomer facial takes care of all your skincare needs in one go. Your therapist will carefully choose products to treat your skin type and includes exfoliation, treatment masque and facial massage, as well as our signature thermal mud on the spine.

Continue at home: Try to exfoliate once or twice a week with Phytomer Resurfacing Peel – Enriched with “marine AHAs” derived from seaweed | Available from Spa Sirene £20

2. Get a Massage

One way to boost your serotonin (the happy hormone) is surely to get a massage! Research shows that therapeutic massage stimulates our central nervous system to produce beneficial hormones whilst at the same time reduces the negative hormones that have a detrimental effect on us. (source T Field

For a great pick-me-up, try our ‘Body Re-Charge‘ massage, which uses carefully selected essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary, Juniper Berry & Pine. You will emerge feeling relaxed, revitalised and full of energy.

Continue at home: Try the ‘Revive Body Oil’ from Aromatherapy Associates |  £41.50 from Spa Sirene

3. Feel the heat – have a Sauna and/or Steam

The heat from a sauna ‘soothes your nerve endings and warms and relaxes muscles, in turn relieving the tension from your body’. (Source Care2HealthyLiving)

The steam room ‘helps to open up airways which improves your breathing and alleviates congestion. The wet heat from the steam room thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, which helps to relieve pressure’. (Source Care2HealthyLiving)

Benefits for your skin? Both Sauna & Steam ‘open up your pores and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which will effectively aid in softening your skin. You will notice a healthy pink glow in your skin, which will make you look younger, so not only will you feel good but you will also look rejuvenated’. (Source Care2HealthyLiving)

4. Exfoliate 

Get your body feeling fresh, smooth, moisturised and soft. Try our ‘Smooth Operators‘ Phytomer body exfoliation treatment, which uses grainy sea salt scrub, containing ocean granules which buff away dead skin cells. An application of quenching moisturisers follows, leaving even the thirstiest of skin feeling totally renewed. 

5. Fake a tan!

We all feel better with a tan & although we all need some Vitamin D and to spend a bit of time in the sun – we don’t want to get too much and cause damage to our skin! Well thank goodness for fake tan! Try our ‘Get Glowing Self Tan Treatment‘ which includes full body exfoliation and uses our ‘Vita Liberata’ self-tanning treatment.

6. Take some time out to relax …

Relaxation has many benefits, some of which include ‘prevention of cumulative stress, increased energy, improved concentration, reduction of some physical problems, and increased self-confidence’ (Source: Dartmouth). Taking time to relax is essential for our emotional and physical well-being. Our relaxation room at Spa Sirene is the perfect space to take some time to yourself and practice some relaxation; silhouettes of trees cover the walls coupled with gentle light cycles that slowly change. 

Continue at home: Try Mindfulness Meditation with Headspace App

7. Get some fresh air

Research shows that ‘exposing your lungs to fresh air can help to relieve stress and anxiety’ (Source Benenden Health). Oxygen is thought to affect the levels of serotonin released in the body, in turn, contributing to feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Being in Jersey, we have the added advantage of the fresh sea air! Get out and explore the Island, let the waves crash at your feet and take in the vast coastline. Check out this walking guide to Jersey.

8. Exercise

Your skin can be affected by ‘the amount of oxidative stress in your body. Oxidative stress occurs when the body’s antioxidant defences cannot completely repair the damage that free radicals cause to cells’. (Source: Healthline)

Regular moderate exercise can increase your body’s production of natural antioxidants, which help protect cells. Exercise can also ‘stimulate blood flow and induce skin cell adaptations that can help delay the appearance of skin aging’ (Source: Healthline– now that’s what we like to hear! Take advantage of our fully equipped gym or get out and explore the local area by foot! 

Why not try Beach Yoga?

For a complete Spa experience, try one of our Packages at Spa Sirene. The ‘Glowing Tonic Package‘ includes our ‘Get Fresh Body Wrap’, Back Massage and Express Facial | 2 hrs / Cost: £144

5 Ways to Escape your 9 to 5

In Jersey

Take a Yoga class outside

even at the beach!

Find a secluded spot

on one of the many beaches

Enjoy the ultimate Spa Day

at Spa Sirene

Go Stargazing!

Jersey has some great spots...

Go Paddle boarding

on the calm & clear waters

5 Ways to escape your 9 to 5

  1. Take a Yoga Class

Taking a Yoga class is the perfect activity to clear your head. And taking a yoga class in Jersey brings even more relaxation with the ability to take a class on the beach or overlooking relaxing sea views! Find out more about beach Yoga here


2. Find a secluded spot on the beach

If you want to get away from it all then head to one of the more secluded beaches. Splash your feet along the shoreline or lay back with a book and soak up the rays! Read a complete guide to Jersey beaches here


3. Visit Spa Sirene for the ultimate Spa Day

Immerse yourself in relaxation at our award-winning Spa Sirene. Treat yourself to a Spa package, facial or massage and then enjoy our Heated Vitality Pool and sit back and enjoy the total bliss of our Relaxation Room. Click here to view our treatment brochure


4. Go Stargazing!

Is there anything more relaxing than watching the stars? Jersey is lucky enough to experience some seriously cool clear skies that are a dream for stargazers! Jersey even has an Astronomy club! Find out more about Stargazing spots


5. Go Paddle Boarding

Grab a Paddle Board and take to the clear and calm waters of Jersey. There are so many spots to choose from! For the more experienced – go it alone and explore secret bays and hidden coves! Or go on a guided tour or even Paddle Boarding Yoga class! Find out more here


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